Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) 


The Solis Park PTSA is a very active and supportive group. The association is composed of volunteer parents and committed staff members who devote their time and talents to providing support for our school and special experiences and events for our students. Once our middle school has been established, secondary students will have the opportunity to join the PTSA as well. There are many opportunities for parents to become involved. Your membership and participation in this outstanding organization benefits your child’s education. Meetings are held monthly in the school auditorium or library. Membership and other PTSA related information is sent home during the first few weeks of school.   Research shows that parent involvement is key to helping children succeed in school. The idea has been basic to PTSA’s philosophy and action since its beginnings in 1897. PTSA goes even further by stating that children do better in all ways when their parents care about what they are doing at home, in the community and in school.   PTSA activities establish communication between school and home. Parents are encouraged to attend meetings, support activities, and volunteer. Dates and times of meetings and activities will be on the Solis Park website and social media


Heather Philips